Entrecasteaux CC vs the Cote d’Azur Cricket Kings CC: 25/06/2017

Match report

Entrecasteaux CC vs the Cote d’Azur Cricket Kings CC, at Entrecasteaux on Sunday 25th June


Edwards and Coates steal the King’s crown

The heat wave continues which did nothing to dampen the spirits of this new team, assembled by the enterprising Jey Jey, who had his team, somewhat confusingly attired in the Monaco Cricket Club strip, warming up pre-match in the most professional manner.

In winning the toss Chaminda Perera chose to bat and in a confident manner asked Brad Edwards (195 n.o.) and Andy Fife (38) to don their pads. His confidence was well founded as the pair amassed a record opening partnership of 156 before Fife was run out, struggling in the heat. In truth he had not had to do much running, just the occasional single as he played the unusual supporting role to the genius at the other end.

It was fierce, it was fast, it was intimidating, it was glorious, the runs kept pouring off the bat as Edwards smote the ball to every boundary. At the first drinks break after 12 overs the total was 99, with Edwards on 69 and Fife 15 and he continued in this destructful fashion with each batsman who came to join him. Chaminda Perera (0) was well caught on the mid wicket boundary by Vibo off the bowling of Piraba (5-0-47-1) which brought Anthony Slack (33)  to the crease. Edwrds had reached his ton in the 15th over and with Slack they continued with the onslaught against the bowlers.

None of them were spared as they toiled hard in a temperature of 35 degrees: Dena (5-0-30-0), Pranav Dabral (4-0-51-0), Kanal (6-0-44-2), Vibo (6-0-42-0) and Nisander (6-0-49-0) did most of the work but with 7 to 8 fielders marshalling the boundaries the batsman found it easy to score runs.

Slack was bowled by Kanal and so Ed Harland (4) joined Edwards. True to form Harland started slowly with his singles but in calling Edwards for a quick single it became obvious to all that Edwards had strained his calf muscle. Somewhat irritated by the need to run a quick single Edwards smashed the next ball full toss into Harland’s car, parked on the track! With Harland then bowled by Kanal, David Coates (14 n.o.) joined Edwards as the innings drew to a close.

A grand total of 304 runs had been scored in the allotted 35 overs and Edwards had made the significant contribution of 195 not out (a club record). He is a master proponent in the art of batting, any delivery of poor length (the line is not considered) is immediately pulled to the leg boundary, or cut or driven through the covers, or smashed back over the bowlers head. He was dropped on 4 occasions, 2 of which were moving very fast over the boundary at head height, 2 of which probably should have been taken, but by that time the damage had already been done. It was a match winning innings, one that was a priviledge to witness, and one that left the ECC bowlers a measure of gratitude.

8.7 runs required per over, a tall order on any occasion and to give the Cricket Kings their due they went for them. Their most impressive batsman was Pranav Dabral (58) but only their number 3 batsman (22, no name record) was able to stay with him for any time.  Anthony Slack (no bowling figures) opened from the football pitch end and delivered an impressive spell; hostile, accurate and fruitful in claiming the first wicket. Steve Crozier (no bowling figures) had probably not been thrown the shiny ball for quite a few seasons but he kept the forceful batsmen contained from the Garden House end. Yannick Perera (no bowling figures) took over from Crozier and kept the pressure on the batsmen. He was unlucky not to claim a wicket, his bowling improves with every game and it will not be too long before he is handed the new ball.

Slack made way for David Coates (6-0-6-21), who must have had a pile of spinach for his breakfast, for with his left arm round the wicket spin he delivered the kind of spell that ended any hope of our visitors even getting close to their target. Five of those wickets were bowled, he had two hatrick chances, he had one caught at wicket by Ed Harland. It was a match winning performance on a par to the batting of Edwards and meant we were all able to get off to the pub a wee bitty earlier than normal! Tom Slack (no bowling figures) claimed the wicket of number 7 bat, when Chaminda Perera took a good catch skied to the heavens at square leg. Edward Jennings (no bowling figures) clean bowled number 10 with his first ball, much to his, as well as the batsman’s, bemusement. Chaminda Perera took the last wicket and Entrecasteaux won by the impressive margin of 176 runs, although this is a likely exaggeration as there are no records of extras. Still the victory was complete and emphatic.

Mention must also be made of Nathan Perera, playing in his first game for the club, his energy is boundless, making him the envy of all us crusties, and he fields at long leg with enthusiasm and bravery. Well done.

A big shout of thanks to Mike Lomax and Maurice Mitchem for umpiring through out the two innings, thank goodness for the breeze.

ECC: Chaminda Perera, Yannick Perera, Nathan Perera, Anthony Slack, Tom Slack, Edward Jennings, Brad Edwards, David Coates, Steve Crozier, Ed Harland, Andy Fife.

Umpires: Mike Lomax, Maurice Mitchem

ECC won by 176 runs


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