ECC vs MCCC Sunday 27th August 2017

ECC vs MCCC Sunday 27th August 2017, played at Entrecasteaux.

In winning the toss Vishnu, MCCC’s captain, chose to bat and sent his openers out to face the Entrecasteaux on slaught. MCCC, in having problems to raise the requisite 11 players had been supplemented by a ringer, namely yours truly. It is difficult to report on the MCCC innings, or the ECC bowling, as there is no record in the score book but MCCC managed to score a total of 143 runs, with Fife scoring 21 and Mark Cullinan making a very fine 51 not out before the MCCC innings closed on 143 runs in the 35th over. ECC’s attack had been strengthened by the addition of Sharney, a Kiwi mate of Brad Edwards, who declared he hadn’t played cricket for 10 years. With his speed and lift from the pitch the MCCC batsmen were only too pleased that he hadn’t played more recently.

Perera employed all of his bowlers with Ivan Linhart, Yannick Perera, Mark Heath, Anthony Slack, Sahan Hewa and Cliff Gregory all being used as the innings progressed. Ed Harland behind the stumps had a fine game and took two good catches as the Monte Carlo innings failed to garner any momentum.

Such a total was never going to be sufficient although with the boundary set back the ECC batsmen found they had to run, in very hot conditions, rather more runs than they would have liked. Brad Edwards (72 n.o.) opened with Anthony Slack (5). Edwards, as reliable as ever carried his bat to ensure an ECC victory, perhaps, after the summer break, not with quite the fluency that we have previously witnessed. Slack was bowled by Vishnu and so Chaminda Perera (24) joined Edwards. When Chami was caught on the boundary Sharney (18) came to the crease and the two Kiwis just about saw the home team to victory before Sharney was likewise caught on the boundary, enabling Kavinda Karunarathnage (2 n.o.) to make a cameo appearance as Edwards, in typical fashion, swept the ball to the leg boundary and victory was secured.

ECC won by 7 wickets having attained the target in the 20th over.


Many thanks to all who turned up both to play and watch the game, and also to Mike Lomax and Maurice Mitchem for umpiring the match in the oven like conditions.

ECC: Chaminda Perera, Yannick Perera, Brad Edwards, Sharney Kiwi, Cliff Gregory, Ed Harland, Ivan Linhart, Mark Heath, Anthony Slack, Sahan Hewa, Kavinda Karunarathnage

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