Match report:ECC vs Beausoleil CC at St Vallier de Thiey, above Grasse Sunday 28th July 2013

Beausoleil had secured the Riviera pitch at St Vallier de Thiey, above Grasse, to entertain Entrecasteaux, whom they have not beaten this season but with ‘home’ advantage they were hoping to turn their fortunes. They got off to a bad start in losing the toss and Clifford Gregory had no hesitation in asking Fife and Chaminda Perera to don their pads.

Fife’s late and inexcusable arrival at the ground may have troubled him more than he would have liked to admit as no sooner had he arrived at the crease than he had to about turn when the inexperienced Rowell, umpiring, slowly raised his finger on being asked whether the leg was before wicket to the second ball. However this brought Shalana Karunarathnage (46) to join Chaminda Perera (25) and together they added 66 before the next wicket fell. Karunarathnage in particular striking the ball in venomous fashion leaving the fielders to spend several minutes searching for the ball in the long grass. Baldav (5-0-38-0) suffered the most being dispatched for a 6 and 2 4s in his final over as Karunarathange made hay.

Perera had started slowly but in finding his stride he was starting to accumulate runs and then was well caught at square leg off the bowling of Sandhu (4-1-13-1). Fergus Harrington (4) looked secure before he was bamboozled by the flight and spin of Yoges Prasana (5.1-0-16-4) but this brought Ed Rowell(31), on holiday from the old country, to prove the promising soundbites that had been emanating from his friend Thomas Kirkby. Rowell lived up to these promises and made a very useful 31 – methodical without being spectacular – but they were 31 very valuable runs as Robbie Lange (0), Clifford Gregory (0) and Thomas Kirkby (0) were all returned to the pavilion without troubling the scorer.

Yoges Prasana in particular produced the best figures and he was helped by Pardeep (5-2-20-2) as Beausoleil wrapped Entrecasteaux’s innings up with the score on 123 all out. This was not before young Yannick Perera(1 not out) had shown us that he may be a bit more than a chip off the old block as he defended his wicket for 26 minutes – well done young man.

So it was that Beausoleil came to the wicket – Gregory (3.5-0-7-4) and Robbie Lange (5-1-22-0) opened the bowling – Gregory accurate and mean in his first spell which cost just 7 runs ably supported by Lange, who was perhaps not bowling with the speed that we have seen but with a lot more accuracy. This pressure had led to the well managed run out of opening batsman Roshan in a classic case of bad calling between the batsmen. Gregory also had Yoges Prasana leg before wicket and Beausoleil were in trouble.

Chaminda Perera (6-2-18-2) kept this pressure at a high level and bowled first Sandhu who had made a solid 21 runs and then Baldav (25) who was well caught at the wicket by Harrington, the ball just turning enough, away from the right hander, to brush the outside edge of the bat into the gloves of Harrington.

Somnath (17) and Ubaynath (15 not out) put together a good partnership and Beausoleil’s total edged closer to their target. All things considered this was quite strange as their calling between the wicket was more akin to great aunties’s tea party – they did not know whether they were coming or going. Had the Entercasteaux fielders been alert they would have run both batsmen out at least once.

Somnath did eventually succumb leg before wicket to Shalana Karunarathnage and with 3 wickets in hand and only 26 runs required to win Gregory felt he should bring in the big guns – namely himself. It took him just 5 devilish balls to secure victory for Entrecasteaux – jaffas, bananas, call them what you will – 5 balls which never touched the bat but on 3 occasions flattened the wickets. It was impressive if somewhat over powering.

Entercasteaux won by 25 runs.

Team: C.Gregory, C.Perera, Y.Perera, S.Karunarathnage, F.Harrington, E. Rowell, R.Lange,

T.Kirkby, Shana, A.Fife.

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