Entrecasteaux CC vs Cannes Lions at Entrecasteaux, Sunday 23rd June 2013

Roshan’s rout

On a warm and windy day Entrecasteaux entertained the Cannes Lion CC, a team put together by our very own Chaminda Perera in collusion no doubt, with his brother in law Shalana Karunarathnage. Clifford Gregory continued his poor form with the coin in losing the toss but was probably not disappointed to be inserted.

In an unexpected change to the established opening pair Anthony Slack(21) was asked to join Andy Fife(18) and they started to build a solid partnership, taking singles and twos against an attack that was accurate and tight, if not overly challenging. This was headed by Kalith (7-0-33-3) and Shan (7-0-27-2); with almost 10 overs gone and the total on 42 a change of bowling had brought Charles into the attack from the football ground end. With the wind behind him he delivered a ball which hit Fife full toss on the leg and low to the ground, when he was in front of his wicket. Mike Lomax had no hesitation in raising his finger and Fife was returned to the pavilion.

With Slack being bowled when he played across the line to a straight ball from Kavi (7-0-25-2) Roshan Perera(54) was joined by Glen Burrell(36) when the total was 48. In authoritarian manner they smashed their way to an impressive 85 run partnership; Roshan in particular proving lucrative with his deft pulls to the midwicket and square leg boundary, whilst Burrell hit two magnificent straight sixes.

When their partnership came to an end the remaining  batsman could only muster 11 runs between them and so Entrecasteaux’s innings closed on a very gettable 161 runs after their allotted 35 overs. Tom Slack did not bat.

Roshan Perera (4-0-12-3) from the football pitch end and a strengthening wind helping him was in devastating form. It seemed as though his first two overs were to find his line and length for in his third over he ripped out the Lions heart in such a manner that they had no chance of attaining their target. The first ball was fended away to leg and the opening batsman, keen to be at the other end, called for a single to the ever alert Robbie Lange who pounced on the ball and was able to take off the bails and run out Shan.

This brought Cannes Lions captain, Chaminda Perera, to the crease. He received a ball just short of a length which rose and in trying to cut the ball to cover point he could only manage a top edge into the gloves of a grateful Philip Batchelor.  Enter Gayan for the hatrick ball which he defended nervously. Not so lucky second ball as he inside edged the ball and Batchelor took a supreme catch diving to his left. Now it was Shalana Karunarathnage’s turn but it proved to be a long walk for nothing. The ball flew past his bat and removed his middle stump. There was therefore the rather unique situation of a second hatrick chance in the same over but it was again not fulfilled as Anura resolutely defended his wicket.

Roshan’s rout was ably supported by Gregory (4-2-4-1) who in his third over found the outside edge of Kalith’s bat and the ball flew high over first slips head. None other than Roshan was in that position and he took an excellent catch over his head.

Such had been the ferocity of the attack that Lange (7-0-20-2) and Fife (5-1-18-0) were brought into the attack. Lange, fast and furious but not always so accurate. Fife somewhat sedentary but he unlucky not to claim a wicket. Anura (21) and Charles (14), the only Cannes Lions batsmen to reach double figures, were however able to put some runs on the score board until Anura mishooked a ball from Lange which Roshan had to run 10 metres to his right to claim a diving catch.

The welcome return of Fergus Harrington (2-0-5-2) from the garden house end was all that was required to wrap up the Cannes Lions innings. He was ably supported by young Tom Slack (1-0-4-0). What a pleasure it is to see the cricketing prowess in these youngsters (including Yannick Perera) develop as they grow older and play more cricket – Tom’s over was the best we have seen from him and it was just a shame he did not get the chance to bat.

Entrecasteaux had won by 85 runs. It was a comprehensive victory from an Entrecasteaux side that is playing some good cricket. The only criticism comes due to the 19 wides that were bowled; in this department there is room for improvement.

Thanks go out to Mike Lomax who nobly stood behind the stumps for both innings, and also to Suzy Perera who is doing a great job in keeping the score book.

It is very upsetting to report that Dight Everton, who was scheduled to play, had to pull out as his son, Red, aged 15, has been diagnosed with a cancer, he starts a course of chemotherapy today. I know you would want to pass on your most sincere wishes and support to Red and his family.

Entrecasteaux: C. Gregory (capt), R. Perera, A. Slack, T. Slack, P. Batchelor, G. Burrell, R. Lange, M. Mitchem, F. Harrington, B. Percival-Maxwell, A. Fife, M.Lomax (umpire)

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