Entrecasteaux vs Cote d’Azur Cricket Kings: Sunday 6th May 2018

Match Report:

Despite the inclement forecast the follicly challenged scorer reported no more than one or two rain drop strikes throughout the day and so it was than your club’s 2018 season kicked off in emphatic style. In this 35 over contest the hosts were somewhat surprised to be invited to bat, although the rather long grass in the outfield would undoubtedly be drying, it was still an unexpected call on Entrecasteaux’s abiding flat track and captain Chaminda Perera was swift to accept the challenge and instructed Brad Edwards (117) and Ed Harland (0) to go and enjoy themselves.

This the former did, this the latter did not, for when an appeal for leb before in the fourth over was no more than muttered, stand in umpire Max Harland had no hesitation in raising his digit. There must be more than meets the eye to this story but despite extensive investigation both parties remained tight lipped about the raison d’etre for the decision, but there is no doubt that Harland junior would have had a long walk home.

Shalana Karunarathnage (9) joined Edwards and having batted in a controlled fashion for 2 overs he was delivered two half vollies which were duly despatched to the boundary, the third delivery in Nishanthan’s over (7-1-23-4) was however rather fuller in length, Karunarathnage played over the top and has his middle stump removed. Captain Perera now came to the crease and after a hesitant start his eye and bat found their mark and the ball started to fly in all directions. Encourged by his captains example Edwards also started to lather the ball. In a partnership of 89 runs, which lasted just 9 overs and¬† took 40 minutes the score raced from 31 for 2 to 120 for 3. Perera holed out to a well taken catch on the mid wicket boundary from the bowling of Pranav (5.5-0-41-2).

Opening bowler Shiraz (6-0-42-0) had given way to Dina (4-0-29-0) who fared little better and then came Piraba (5-1-33-0). Meanwhile Sahan Hewa (30) had replaced his captain and now offered valuable support to Edwards in a partnership of 88 runs. But it was the unfortunate Tamal (1-0-30-0), like a lamb to the slaughter who had Edwards drooling at the lips. His first ball was a wide, his second ball was a full toss which Edwards struck fircely to extra cover, declining an easy single, for he knew there was more to come. It was the right decision, Tamal’s next 5 deliveries, plus one more wide were dispatched for 28 runs, with 4 sixes and a four. Unsurprisingly Tamal was not invited to return for a second over. He was replaced by Janith (5-1-39-3) who has a unique style and action, he bowls slowly with the ball seemingly gaining in height before descending, in arc like fashion, and quite extraordinarily it bamboozled the Entrecasteaux batsmen. Edwards was the first to go, caught on the mid wicket boundary, and he then had Hewa, who had played an excellent innings, in both a supportive and forceful manner, caught at mid off and finally Ivan Linhart (5) caught at mid on.

Stephen Gibbs (0) made his debut appearance for the club and with such a score he can only get better. Gregory (0) must have thought he was 40 years younger for on calling for a second he was smartly run out. Max Harland (1) looked in need of some practice and Sanji (3 not out), a stand in from the massed crowd who chief scout Sir Leonard Terry had spotted and immediately recruited, was left holding his bat.

Entrecasteaux were all out for 237 in the 34th over. The old men on the boundary, chewing and nodding their heads, were heard to say ‘it’ll tek sum doin’ and they were right, although with Gregory (4-0-25-0) opening from his favoured Garden House End and looking in need of some nets, they must have been wondering. Indeed it was a run out in the 13th over which brought the fine opening partnership of 74 runs, between Janith (22) and the forceful Jey (41) to an end.

Max Harland (3-0-10-0) had shared the opening resposiblities and he likewise must bowl more overs if he is to demonstrate his potential. Sanji (4-0-26-0) took over from Harland and was unlucky not to claim a wicket whilst it was Sahan Hewa (5-0-34-0), in his first spell from the Garden House end who invoked a muddle between the batsmen and Janith had to continue walking disconsalately  back to the pavilion. Perera maintained an orthodox 5/4 field with a shortish fielder on both the off and on side as the batting side were always keen for a single.

Cote d’Azur were making good progress when there was a seven over spell which sealed the fate of the game. From 74 for 1 they succumbed to some accurate bowling from Edwards (4-0-7-3) and Chaminda Perera (3-0-8-1) to leave them at 88 for 5. Such is the nature of this fascinating game. Jey was caught and bowled by Edwards, Dina (0) was bowled by Perera, and Piraba (0) bowled and Nithas (0) caught wicket, both fell to Edwards. It was a lost cause and though Pranav (60 not out) batted with style and fluency he gradually ran out of partners with Yannick Perera (3-0-22-1) claiming the wicket of Shiraz (4) and Ivan Linhart (4-0-29-2) being in the unfamiliar position of bowling for a hatrick when he took the wickets of Nirush (2), well caught at deep square leg and Nishanthan (0) in consecutive balls. The final wicket to fall, as Cote d’Azur had only 10 batsmen, was Tamal (0) who was run out. Their innings had closed on 158 meaning that Entrecasteaux had won comfortably by 79 runs.

Sincere thanks to Maurice Mitchem and Mike Lomax for umpiring so proficiently. A great start to 2018, long may it continue.

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